Adam Carolla is Left Handed – Podcast, The Man Show

Adam Carolla is the left handed leader of the Podcast world and I am an avid listener to Carolla Digital.

Carolla Digital includes his own Podcast “The Adam Carolla Show” and also includes a bunch of other shows on their including “The Adam and Drew Show” with board certified physician Dr. Drew Pinsky.

I first saw Adam Carolla on The Man Show¬† back in 1999, when I was 9 years old, I probably shouldn’t have been watching The Man Show but he was hilarious with Jimmy Kimmel as his co-pilot. It’s funny how Adam is the top of the Podcast world, and Jimmy Kimmel seems to be dominating the television world.

why are people left handed Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is Left Handed and Still Going Strong

The reason I like Adam Carolla so much is because he speaks his mind and doesn’t take shit from anybody. The left handed radio guru tells it like it is and is a pro at it. This lefty has made a remarkable name for himself and has stolen all the air time from the radio stations which will probably not exist in the near future.

Adam is currently 48 years old and has a full left handed head of steam to continue going for another 20 plus years. Carolla is a huge car enthusiast and an excellent carpenter. This lefty has also gone through a bunch of scrutiny in his long time radio career and television career but I still enjoy what he has to say.