Barry Bonds – Left Handed Home Run King

Barry Bonds is the left handed Home Run King of Major League Baseball. Barry Bonds will go down as a legend of baseball even though there is some grey area there which I will not get into too.

Bonds hit 762 home runs in his career which is the all-time record in baseball history. He also holds the record for the most home runs in a season with the 73 homers he hit in the year 2001. Every lefty kid who played baseball looked up to the big Barry Bonds while he was on his home run spree and pretending to be him when they played baseball including myself. I would often call out, alright Barry Bonds style lets go!

Barry Bonds is one talented Lefty! Lefties in baseball are a favorite in my book! Thanks for all the excitement in baseball Barry!

Left Handed Baseball Legend Barry Bonds

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