Ben Pakulski Lifts Left Handed Weights

The Allmax sponsored athlete, Ben Pakulski, has been caught signing autographs with his left hand! I think it is safe to say he is left handed! He is also a massive dude who could crush any right hander that stands in his way!

Ben Pakulski is a professional body builder who is currently sponsored by Allmax Nutrition. This left handed monster placed 4th in the Arnold Classic in 2012 and is on his way to compete on even bigger stages in the future. You see folks, us lefties come in all different shapes and sizes and this particular lefty is a force to be reckoned with! Pakulski has done an excellent job developing a brand for himself and making himself well known in the bodybuilding community.

Ben Pakulski – Left Handed Super Man


Welcome to the Left Handed club Big Ben! Please don’t eat me.