Bill Gates – Famous Left Handed People

Bill Gates is left handed and is the creator of Microsoft.

I’m sure you have heard of Bill Gates but did you know he was left handed? If Gates didn’t exist, who knows where technology would be right now. I might not even be able to create this website without the technology formed by Mr. Gates. I’m a big fan of Microsoft and I think they did a great job on Windows 7, don’t know much about Windows 8 so I can’t comment on it.

If Bill Gates was born Right Handed do you think he would have been able to create Microsoft? I don’t think so. Bill Gates was someone who thought outside the box and he therefore created one of the greatest computing systems to ever come out. Yes Apple is in great comparison but they weren’t back when Bill Gates was in his prime. Apple just started becoming technology moguls only a few years ago with the iPod.

Bill Gates – Left Handed Microsoft Mogul

Bill Gates happens to also be very charitable meaning he donates a large sum of his money to charities he supports which is a great thing.  I think more people should donate to charity, well at least personally help someone in need.

why are people left handed Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the left handed community enjoys your accomplishments. Thanks for being left handed.