Bruce Willis Left Handed

Bruce Willis is Left Handed and a two-time Emmy Award winning actor.

Bruce Willis is a lefty who starred in multiple films including one of my favorites, Armageddon. He is also well known as John McClane in the Die Hard series of films. It’s bad-ass’s like Bruce Willis who make us lefties proud! Only the best are left handed, I haven’t met someone left handed who was lame.

Did you know that Bruce is actually his middle name? Walter Bruce Willis is his full name which makes you think Walter Willis also sounds pretty good. Apparently, Bruce Willis was forced to use his right hand when making the film The Sixth Sense which doesn’t seem left..I mean right!

Bruce Will Left Handed Actor

Bruce Willis is the definition of bad-ass and I’m happy he’s a lefty like us! Motion pictures featuring Bruce Willis have grossed over $3 billion dollars at the box offices which makes this lefty the 9th highest-grossing actor in a leading role. Willis use to be married to Demi Moore but got divorced in 2000 after 13 years of marriage! He is now currently married to Emma Heming.


Bruce Willis everybody, a left handed legend!