Eminem – Famous Left Handed People

Eminem is left handed and he is pretty damn famous. Eminem is someone who definitely uses his left hand a lot.

He wrote each and everyone of his rap songs with his left hand and that takes some talent within itself. How many of you lefties have tried to write anything with your left hand? Ever look down at your pinky after writing? Ink Smeared all over your hand? Everything you wrote all smudged on the paper?Yes, I think so.

Eminem, you are clearly a talented and famous individual and I love your rap music. Eminem is a prime example that people who are left handed are much more creative then those of the right handed variety. We just think different guys. We are our own breed and we show it.

Eminem is Left Handed and Famous

why are people left handed eminem famous

Marshall Mathers is by far the best rapper in the game that is left handed and you can’t deny it.

Eminem, thank you for being a lefty!

  • Arza Linscott

    He’s left and right handed he plays supports with his right hand. And I’m left handed aswell but I’m right handed in spuorts and yeah I write rhymes to.