James Garfield – Left Handed Presidents

James Garfield is known to be the first ever left handed President.

This number could however be inaccurate because being left handed was discouraged in many of the years prior to this. I can’t even begin to imagine being discouraged for being left handed. That is insane I tell you! I’m glad us lefty’s can be left handed and be free to use our left hands to do whatever we want.

Anyways, James Garfield was the 20th President of the United States. Some people claimed that he could write with both of his hands simultaneously but we assume he rather just use his left anyways.

The end of his presidency and life for that matter was a very sad tragedy. James Garfield was fatally shot in July of his first term by some maniac named Charles Guiteau. Poor Lefty, Rest in Peace James!

James Garfield is Left Handed

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