Jay Leno is Left Handed – Famous Talk Show Host

Jay Leno is a famous talk show host that is left handed. He obviously uses his left hand to steer all his cars he owns. The guy has more cars than a dealership for left sakes.

I even think his gigantic jaw points to the left leading him to left handedness. If you have no idea who Jay Leno is you have been living under a rock that doesn’t have a television set.

He is the host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno which he stole back from Conan O’Brien because he just felt like it.

jay leno is left handed

Jay Leno is the Left Handed Talk Show Boss

Like a boss, Jay Leno earns millions of dollars every year. Is it just a merer coincidence that millionaires are left handed? How about the fact that most celebrities that are extremely famous and rich are left handed?

People like Leno make me proud, sorta, to be left handed. He seems like a good guy, He’s kind of annoying, but I bet he’s genuinely a great guy. Apparently he drives around this ridiculous cars throughout Beverly Hills like he’s hosting a one person parade.

The guy obviously loves attention and that is something that is attributed to being a lefty.