Jimi Hendrix is Left Handed – Famous Guitar Player

Jimi Hendrix was born left handed. He is a true left handed guitar player as well.

It is stated that Jimi Hendrix used right-handed guitars, but then had then turned upside down and properly strung to be played left handed. Now that is lefty commitment!

It’s very sad that he passed away supposedly overdosing on sleeping pills when he was only 27 years young. I think it is a bit sketchy how he passed away, but I hope he rests in piece and if playing his lefty guitar in the heavens above.

Jimi Hendrix’s music only gets more and more popular as time goes by. I wonder if he could even fathom how famous he would be once he was dead. It’s quite a shame that he is not around today to view his loyal fan base who really appreciate a left handed guitar player.

Jimi Hendrix is left handed

I remember when I took guitar lessons, me being left handed, I was told to switch to right handed guitar because it would just be much easier to learn. I’m sure he endured scrutiny in his younger years but he decided to just do it his way anyway.

Hendrix is extremely famous for playing the musical festival Woodstock where he played the start spangled banner and then transitioned into Purple Haze.

Jimi, you are missed by millions man. Us lefties will see you again some day. Left in Peace.