Justin Bieber is Left Handed – Belieb it or not

Mr. Justin Bieber is actually left handed. This kid is more wealthy at the age of 18 than I will ever be in my entire life!

What a lucky bastard this one! This guy was born and raise in Canada and is a famous pop singer. Actually, I’m not even going to explain who Justin Bieber is, if you haven’t heard of him by now, get the hell of this website and go outside.

The Biebs is seen playing his guitar left handed and also doing sport activities using his left hand. I’m sure he also uses his left hand when he is with Selena Gomez if you know what I mean.

Why is Justin Bieber Left Handed? Something went wrong here…

why are people left handed justin bieber

This talentless.. I MEAN Talented 18 year old happens to be a lefty and the left handed society just has to accept that. If your completely annoyed with this kid by now, then you officially are human. As far as him being left handed? He’s like that family member that you can’t stand but when it come’s down to it, He’s still family and you have to accept it.

Well Justin Bieber, we accept you but don’t necessarily like it.