Kurt Cobain – Left Handed As You Are

The late left-handed front man of Nirvana Kurt Cobain died as a legend.

I better be nice about him in this post or else Courtney Love might come after me. Just Kidding, I love me some Kurt Cobain he was an amazing talent and it is so unfortunate that he ended his own life. Some believe that Kurt Cobain was framed and murdered but who really knows.

My favorite Nirvana song would have to be “Come As You Are’ because the lyrics are amazing and the bass line is awesome. The left handed community misses you Kurt, you are truly a legend in the grunge music industry and it’s a damn shame that you are gone. Imagine how many more Nirvana songs we would have had to listen to?

Kurt Cobain – The Lefty Legend That We Lost

why are people left handed kurt cobain

  • Agronut

    Uhm, Kurt wasn’t left handed, he just played the guitar that way… He learned to play with a left handed guitar because he couldn’t afford a right handed one. Jimi Hendrix was also a righty who played his guitar like a lefty. In their private life they did everything right handed. 🙂