Lady Gaga Left Handed For The Applause

The mysterious but extremely talented Lady Gaga is left handed! The lefties shall give you some real applause lady gaga! I don’t care what you say about Gaga, she is extremely gifted and talented and I’m very happy to be apart of a group with her.

Lady Gaga has millions upon millions of fans that practically are in love with her and she seems to be just in love with her fans. She might have posed naked in a video lately, but hey it’s art right? I didn’t mind it…

Anyways Lady Gaga, or shall I say Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, you are one of the most influential people in the world if not the most left handed influence in the world. You are not afraid to stand for what is right and to speak your mind. I think all of us lefties have a special bond and we can tell when someone else is left handed. Lady Gaga, you are definitely creative, powerful, and confident and I’m glad you are a part of the team.

Lady Gaga – Lefty Applause

lady gaga left handed

  • Linda Goff

    ‘The most influential left handed person in the world’ is absurd. As a Lefty, I love her also.. Just pipe down a bit. and don’t credit her *for* us….Geez. Do you have any idea how many brilliant minds are left handed? Take it down a notch and give this amazing woman proper credit without flying over the top with your love for her.