Lebron James is Left Handed – Not When He Shoots

Lebron James signs his autographs with his left hand but doesn’t shoot the basketball that way. Makes me wonder if He would be as good at basketball or even be in the NBA if he learned how to shoot left handed from the beginning.

I am left handed but I understand some stuff feels more right with the right hand. I hate admitting that but yes, I also shoot right handed. Except I suck at basketball and I type all day and he gets paid millions all day.

Before I begin to cry let’s face the facts here. Lebron James finally has a ring and might even get more rings with the Miami Heat. Many people criticize Lebron James for being such a douche about his entire trade situation but he just wanted to be with the best players, can’t blame him.

NBA star Lebron James is a lefty

why are people left handed lebron james