Left Handed Problems – Dry Erase Boards

Being left handed is a gift but it comes with some annoying traits as well. I’m starting a series of left handed problems and I’m going to start it off with a very good one. If you happen to be left handed and notice a left handed problem that isn’t listed, please comment below and let me know and I’ll add it!

If your left handed you know exactly what I am talking about. Dry Erase boards are pure evil!

Even though I love using them to collect my thoughts, I also collect a bunch of dry erase marker on my hand!

Left Handed Problems – Dry Erase Boards

Left Handed Problem #1- Smudging Dry Erase Boards because your left handed. I pretty much erase everything I write when using a dry erase board. The only way I can successfully use one is when I hold the marker in the air but my hand writting is awful!

Left Handed Problems Dry Erase Boards 1

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  • Judy Jones

    Sure would be nice if they’d lower the price on a left-handed mouse. When I use a public computer, I use it as a right hander so people don’t have to change it back.