Left Handed Problems – Learning How to Tie Your Shoes

Good thing I have an Aunt how is also left handed or else I might be wearing Velcro to this day.

I had the hardest time learning how to tie my shoes when I was a child because no one was able to teach me! Every book I had, yes the internet wasn’t such a hit yet, showed me how to do it the right handed way. I even had a book that was shaped like a shoe that had laces on it that you would tie. I can only imagine what you guys dealt with growing up if you didn’t have a lefty to teach you how!

At least now, kids today can go online and find a tutorial on how to tie your shoes as a left handed person.

With all this being said, a major problem for us lefty’s is learning how to tie our shoes as a child.

Left Handed Problems – Learning How to Tie Shoe

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  • Pamela

    THANK YOU so much!!! I had tried to teach my 6 year old boy for a long time and it only took him a few tries with your method! He says “You are the most awesome teacher ever” lol

  • Judy

    When did you discover you couldn’t use scissors left handed. How long before you got the hang of it with your right hand?

  • Judy

    Judy Jones is left handed & Judy’s granddaughter, Grace, is a 3 yr. old leftie. Her nephew is left handed too.