Left Hander’s Day! August 13

There is holiday dedicated to us left handed people! It’s Left Hander’s Day! Left Handed Day is August 13th, of every single year. It all originated in 1992 where the official left handed club got together and created this beautiful annual event to celebrate our differences!

Left Hander’s Day August 13 – Official Left Handed Day

It’s amazing that there is a day dedicated for us! It helps people become aware of the common advantages and disadvantages of being left handed. For instance, an advantage for us lefties could be something big or small. An example is a left handed pitcher or batter in baseball. You are at a distinct advantage considering you are playing the opposite of most the opponents your facing. A disadvantage can also be something big or small. A common disadvantage for us lefties is just living in the right handed world. It may sound silly to someone who is right handed but every left handed person struggles with something in their life at some point.

Left Handed Disadvantages Examples:

  • Computer mouse is on the right side, number pad is also on the right side.
  • Spiral notebooks are designed for righties
  • Smear ink at all times, dry erase boards are enemies

Now most disadvantages for left handed people is minuscule but could be quite frustrating on a daily basis. This is an entire amount of frustration that is entirely avoided in 90% of the world. With all this being said, I would never give up my right to be left handed. Did you see what I did there?

Left Handed Day Events

Their are a few other awesome left handed websites and this one particular website explains some of the popular events that occur on this wonderful day. Lefthandersday.com is a great resource for everything left handed and we approve.

Left Hander’s Day Event Examples:

  • Left vs. Right Sport Matches
  • Left-Handed Tea Party
  • Left Handed Items Being Utilized

There are even left handed places that encourage right handers to attempt to do some things with their left hand.

Celebrate Left Handed Day Yearly – August 13th

michael richards is left handed

Make sure you do something inspirational every time this magical holiday comes along, it’s a great way to enjoy being left handed with others. Every lefty I have come across is always open to talking about being left handed and it’s a common bond you feel with someone else who is left handed. Find someone new who using their left hand as their dominant hand and give that hand a firm shake! It’s Left Handed Day everyday for me! Let’s all just celebrate!

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By Vince Malfeo