Michael Vick – Professional Lefty Quarterback

Michael Vick became a brand new type of quarterback in the NFL when he was drafted first overall in the 2001 National Football League Draft by the Atlanta Falcons. This left handed pro was selected to the pro bowl 3 times when he was still on the Falcons but you might have heard some bad publicity about him around 2007.

Mike Vick was charged with operating an illegal dog fighting ring and that pretty much killed his career and he had to serve 21 months in jail. Look, he served his time and I hope people will forgive him. The left handed community is on your side Vick! I’m pretty sure when the Madden video games came out, we all picked the team with Vick so we could just destroy defenses.

He is currently playing for the Eagles and he still has potential. Good luck Mr. Vick!

Michael Vick – Quarterback Pro Leftie

why are people left handed michael vick

  • Donald

    Vick is a lefty qb, but he writes with his right hand. I’ve seen him draw plays and sign autographs with his right hand.