President Barack Obama – Left Handed Presidents

President Barack Obama is Left Handed and is our current President for another 4 years.

Barack Obama is also the first African-American President the United States has ever had, well unless you count former President Bill Clinton, he’s constantly being joked at about being “black”. Bill Clinton also happened to be Left-Handed also.

Anyways President Barack Obama is our current President which makes him the 44th President of the United States of America. Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard School of Law which gives him a pretty impressive resume.

He was also born in Hawaii which is pretty cool. My girlfriend was also born in Hawaii…boy how jealous I am. However, I’m from Chicago and so is Mr. Obama so I have known about this man before his presidency.

President Barack Obama is Left Handed

President Barack Obama is Left Handed

There have been many other presidents that ran America who were Left Handed so President Obama isn’t alone. There might be something about being left-handed that makes you able to be a good public speaker because that is essentially what the President is, a fantastic public speaker.