Robert De Niro – Famous Left Handed People

Robert De Niro is one famous lefty. He is a movie legend!

My favorite movie with De Niro would have to be Casino but a Bronx Tail was also a classic.

I just found out recently that Mr. De Niro was left handed and that made me appreciate the man even more.

Robert is a legend in the acting world and I just saw him in the movie Limitless. It’s the year 2013 and he is still in hit movies. How incredible?

Robert De Niro – Famous Left Handed Man

I’m a very big fan of Robert De Niro and I’m glad I have something in the common with the man. Being left handed is such an awesome thing. We are a very few percent of the world population.

Doesn’t that blow your mind?

why are people left handed Robert De Niro

  • Danae

    Don’t forget Bruce Campbell.

  • Chris

    De Niro is actually right-handed. Not sure where you read that he was left-handed, but he isn’t.