SwiftKey Left Handed Options

Swiftkey has finally teamed up with the left handed community and created the left handed version.

SwiftKey is an advanced keyboard system for Android devices which is an alternative to the typical qwerty keyboard. Now you will be able to switch the number pad to the left side making us lefties have an easier time. It’s amazing that the world is revolved around people who are right handed and that companies have to go the extra mile to support people who use their left handed instead.

SwiftKey Left Handed Update


SwiftKey did the right thing, well I mean the left thing, and brought to life a topic that isn’t discussed enough. The fact that left handed people do exist and that they may need something different than the norm to function properly. To find out more information about SwiftKey go check out their website and how you can update your Android device.

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By Vince Malfeo