Tim Allen – Famous Left Handed People

Tim Allen is left handed and is pretty famous. Tim Allen is a professional comedian, voice over actor, and television actor.

You may know him for his famous show Home Improvement or as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. What? Tim Allen is still on TV? Yes he is with his brand new show Last Man Standing.

Tim Allen has had a wild past too. Something you may not have known is that he was a major cocaine dealer before his comedic career. He was busted and had to serve over 2 years in jail and avoided a life sentence by informing the police of other drug dealers names. I recall hearing in an interview that he couldn’t get a job after his prison sentence had ended so he became a comedian. Way to go Tim, it definitely worked for him!

Hey, we all make mistakes I’m just glad the justice system made he realize that a life of crime isn’t the right path to choose. The left handed community applauds you Mr. Allen!

Famous Lefty Tim Allen

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