Tim Tebow Left Handed Football Player

Poor Tim Tebow can’t seem to catch a break! The Broncos let him go, and then the Jet’s bench him, then let him go right after the draft. Could Tim Tebow the lefty not be capable or running an offense? Maybe Mr. Tebow should bulk up a little more and become a tight end.

Everyone seems to think Tim Tebow won’t cut it in the NFL and if he does it won’t be for being a quarterback. Poor Guy!

The best thing about this guy is his fan base. He is a true good hearted guy and a true left handed legend even if he doesn’t become an NFL legend. He also is a big advocate for the church and he seems to be very genuine in his faith, good for you big guy. Good Luck Tim Tebow, the left handed community supports you!

Tim Tebow – Left Handed & Left To Dry

tim tebow left handed