What Being Left Handed Means To Me

I love the fact that I am left handed and most people in my same situation feel the exact same way but why is it? Why do we take pride in our left handedness and why does it make us feel special? Well if you look at it statistically we are special, only about 10% of us in the world. Pretty crazy right?

Alright, we aren’t that special but the hand of cards we were dealt were filled with Ace’s…Left Handed Ace’s. I remember having a hard time with things, like learning how to tie my shoes for instance. Luckily, I also have 2 aunt’s who are left handed and they helped teach me how to do this.

There are countless amounts of things in this world that are very simple, no brainers for people who are right handed like a computer mouse. It took me some time to program my right hand to function, same applies with a stick shift on a manual transmission vehicle. So why do I still love being left handed? Well, I think it’s because I enjoy being different in a very obvious way.

Being Left Handed Means I’m Different


I’m left handed and I’m different. I think differently then my peers, family, and friends. Could this be because I’m a lefty? I believe so. I almost can pick out someone who is left handed as well whenever I interact with them so could this mean we give off a different vibe? I definitely think there is something to it. Every left handed person has heard this one before..”Hey, I didn’t know you were left handed”. I love hearing this because that means I did something big or small to make that person notice that.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m weird and different but I feel like this is something I’m very proud of. It’s cool being able to be born with this and knowing this will never change.

What Does Being Left Handed Mean To You?

Every time I see a lefty I point it out, and I usually get an appreciative response and explain to them that I am also left handed. It’s a great way to start a conversation so what I’m asking you guys is to start a conversation. Let me know what being left handed means to you in the comment section.


Thanks For Reading!

By Vince Malfeo